Auction Guidelines & Rules

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Updated 05/10/2017

If you are new to auction system, then please read these following guidelines and rules. For smaller pages/accounts we directly e-mail our clients and present them with an offer. However, due to the low availability and high demand, we mostly auction off our bigger social properties. While auctions aren’t the most desirable way to purchase what you want, they do allow every buyer to have an equal chance of purchasing these properties. will never favor one client above another, this is why we prefer auctions. These auctions are private and hosted on our website. If you’re a current member, you will be notified via email once an auction goes live. All auctions are password protected, in order to protect our privacy. As an approved member, all you need to do is login to our website to access the auction page. Sharing passwords among non-members are grounds for instant termination. Our hosted auctions work very similar to eBay, so it shouldn’t be hard to participate. In case you still need help please email us.

To participate in our auctions you:

  • must have a registered and approved buyers account. You need to contact [email protected] in order to obtain one.
  • must never bid if you don’t intend to pay, you will be banned.
  • must agree to pay via Wire / Western Union or (first-time buyers only, repeat clients may use PayPal to pay our invoices, unless specified otherwise in the auction). In rare cases we do make exceptions, so please check the payment options in each auction, as they vary from auction to auction.
  • have to make sure your computer time is set to automatically synchronize with ‘’, otherwise the auction time countdown may show an incorrect time. We will not be responsible for lost auctions.

Auction Terms of Service:

  • At our discretion, we reserve the right to remove you from any auction.
  • At our discretion, we reserve the right to remove any suspicious bids without prior notification.
  • People who have NOT paid after winning an auction will be instantly terminated, by having their account removed.
  • Be polite and keep personal opinions to yourself. We present detailed statistics of each property, and sharing your personal thoughts such as:
    “this isn’t a good page” or “the statistics suck” are not welcomed here. This is a place of business, we please ask you to act professionally.
  • You have 60 min after each auction to reply to our winning notification email, it lets us know that you acknowledge the win and you are ready to pay. Otherwise, you might lose the right to purchase and may be banned from our website.
  • Proxy auction bids are not to be taken lightly. Do not post ungodly amounts you aren’t willing to compensate, just so you can win at the last minute. When another user posts a very high bid, the system will increase the bids to the highest max bid previously placed. You will be obliged to pay the full amount, if not, you will be banned from our auctions. Setting up a new account won’t be easy, as sometimes we don’t accept new members for weeks/months. So, we please ask you never to bid more than you’re able to spend.
  • Some social platforms have many account recovery loopholes/exploits, they allow attackers to gain access without permission (mainly Instagram). We will not be held responsible for any lost accounts, as has no control over this issue.
  • Client listings cannot be canceled once the auction goes live.
  • We may refuse a Paypal payment from new members, even if specified otherwise in an auction.
  • You may NOT test the page/account before or after you have won.  We post all statistics for a reason, you will get to test drive your page/account once the transaction is completed. We have thousands of registered members, letting everyone test run a property would be too time-consuming.
  • During an auction we might require bid verification (via e-mail), so please respond or otherwise your bids will be removed.
  • All buyers must follow our anti-spam guidelines.
  • All Instagram buyers must read and agree to the rules specified on this page.
  • Errors and mistakes caused by our website will sometimes happen, especially during an auction. If for unforeseen reasons an auction fails, reserves the right to pick the winner based on our own judgment. In rare cases, we will re-launch the auction.
  • During unforeseen problems such as server lag and slow page loading times, we may add additional clock time to each auction. Sometimes our server gets overloaded with requests when auctions are nearing the end, preventing some bids from registering. To combat this our website adds two minutes to the timer with every new top bid. This only happens within the last five minutes of each auction, and the time is only added when user bid is higher than the current top bid.
  • We will not accept late bids after the auction ends.
  • Our auction page isn’t mobile browser friendly, and using a mobile device during a live auction may cause errors. We strongly recommend using a PC when bidding.
  • You may not re-sell the property to any other member until you have paid for it first. If you would like to flip your newly purchased property, you will have to settle up for the auction first, only then you can re-list it again, providing you agree to our listing rules. This rule prevents “instant resellers” who might have other buyers lined up, or came to an agreement with another ViralAccounts member after the auction ended.
  • Please treat our auctions seriously, do not bid if you’re not interested.
  • Some new members never pay their winning bids. In this case, and upon agreement, we may sell the property to one of the next two highest bidders in line.
  • You may not invite your friends, we’re a closed community, and we decide who may bid.
  • Payment rules are posted on each auction/offer. There will be no exceptions.
  • Paypal payments that get flagged for a review will delay the transaction process (up to three days or until the payment clears).
  • uses US Dollars as their preferred currency.
  • Members are required to pay their balance within 1-3 days from the day of winning the auction.
  • All sales are final. only issues full refunds in special circumstances. To learn more click here.

Bargain Bin product rules:

  • You may not resell any property marked Bargain Bin or BB that was purchased on our website. All sales are final.
  • We do not offer any refunds for Bargain Bin items purchased on our website, unless specified otherwise on the auction page.
  • Our Buy Back Policy does not apply to our Bargain Bin items unless specified otherwise on the auction page.
  • Vouchers are not accepted for items marked Bargain Bin or BB, unless specified otherwise in the auction description.

Buyer payment options:

  • PayPal: New buyers (with less than three purchases) cannot use PayPal for items over 250 USD. Users with three or more purchases may use PayPal for up to 1000 USD. Long time members, with at least five or more purchases, may use PayPal for invoices up to 2500 USD.
  • Bank wire: This is our preferred payment method. There are no limits.
  • New buyers (with less than three purchases) cannot use for items over 250 USD. Users with three or more purchases may use Skrill for up to 1000 USD.
  • Western Union: No limits.
  • MoneyGram: No limits.
  • BTC (BitCoin): We currently have a 1,000 USD limit on BitCoin payments.

All payment rules are subject to change if otherwise specified inside an auction page, so please make sure to check the payment rules with each ongoing auction.

Things to remember:

  • Membership is free but not easy to get. Please check out our how to purchase viral accounts page to find out more.
  • Please never share your password, as wants to stay incognito. Our business model is what kept us alive and safeguards our properties from deletions. Our competition is long gone, as listing social properties in public just does not work. Anonymity is our friend.
  • If you lose an auction don’t try to fight it. Errors and bugs are sometimes unavoidable. Many factors can come into play such as time zones, internet lag and frankly the code itself. staff will have the final word if a dispute shall arise.
  • Lost an auction? Don’t worry, you might get another chance. Quite often many new buyers don’t end up paying, so we might offer the page to the next highest bidder. If the second highest bidder does not accept our offer, we will reach out to the third. If the third person is not willing to purchase, we will re-list the social property in the nearest future.

Looking to auction off your own property on

Only approved and long time clients may use our auction system to sell their properties. Our database of customers is a sure way to get the maximum value for your social property. We have five rules you must agree to in order to qualify:

1. You must be a long time/repeat client. In rare cases, exceptions can be made.
2. We must have full ownership of the account during the auction.
3. Agree to a 10% service fee.
4. Cover all money transfer costs.
5. Set a fair & realistic reserve price.

If you have doubts about

  • is a well respected and known company. We have been buying and selling social properties since 2010. (previously known as
  • is a sister company of SKYNET, Inc.
  • We reside within the European Union (Poland)
  • Our company NIP number: 993 065 2546
  • Our company Regon number: 122 867 954
  • You can verify our company’s existence here:
  • Thousands of satisfied customers.