Buying & Selling SnapChat Accounts

Buying & Selling SnapChat Accounts 2017-01-09T13:15:48+00:00

I want to sell my SnapChat account, but how will I get paid?

All our payments are usually sent via However, we also offer a variety of other payment methods such as Skrill, Western Union, MoneyGram, BitCoin and bank wire. Please remember that as stated in our rules, will only pay first if the transaction is conducted via Paypal, any other payment method will require the seller to forfeit the account before any money is exchanged.

How much is my SnapChat account worth?

Since our company only begun purchasing SnapChat accounts in 2017, we currently don’t have enough data to calculate an average. We price each account individually, so you will need to contact us in order to find out.

Does SnapChat allow users to sell their accounts?

According to SnapChat Terms of Service: “You will not buy, sell, rent, or lease access to your Snapchat account, Live, Snaps, a Snapchat username, or a friend link without our written permission.” So in short, you need to get written permission to sell your SnapChat account. However, thousands of SnapChat accounts are sold and traded daily all around the web, without any permission.

Why does purchase SnapChat accounts?

We resell them to people who really want a popular SnapChat account, but don’t have the time or means to build one. We also may sell your SnapChat account to a company or brand, who may use it to promote their product/services. We DO NOT spam the audience, most of the time the followers won’t notice a thing. has a strict anti-spam policy, so do not worry, your account will be in safe hands.

How fast do I get the payment?

We pay out the very instant we approve the sale. Depending on the payment method you have selected, it may take a while for the money to actually reach you. For example, bank wires take usually take up to 24-48 hours (during business days).

Will I need to give up my email account?

No, you will not have to give up your email account. However, you will need to assist us until we fully secure the account, and you will have to go through identity verification, as explained in our seller rules.

If I sell my SnapChat account and change my mind a few days later, can I get it back?

Unfortunately, no. All sales are final, and we usually re-sell the account the very next day, so it is out of our hands.


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