Buying & Selling Vine Accounts

Buying & Selling Vine Accounts 2016-10-28T15:18:10+00:00

Update 28.10.2016: As of today, we are halting transactions related to Vine accounts. The reason for this is the recent announcement that Vine will be closing its doors in the upcoming months. We’re leaving this page up for historical reasons, and until further notice, we will not buy or sell Vine accounts.

Does allow the sale of personal profile accounts?

Vine’s TOS (Terms of Service) states that the transfer of Vine accounts is forbidden. In reality, those are only Vine’s in-house rules, and there is nothing illegal about selling your own social media account.

Why does purchase these accounts?

To keep it simple, we advertise our websites / content on them. We DO NOT spam links, we create relevant content that matches the Vine account theme/niche. If we cannot advertise our content on them we generally keep them or re-sell them for a small profit. We also use them to spread news about a new company / brand.

What is my Vine account worth?

It is very difficult to quote Vine accounts, so we can’t post any examples. Many factors come into play such as the amount of followers, activity, and niche. Thousands of sites sell fake Vine followers, so for that reason, we go through an extensive background check before we make an offer.

How many followers should a Vine account have for to purchase it?

We don’t have a high limit for Vine accounts, as long as they’re real and active we will purchase any account. However, we prefer at least 30,000 followers.

How do we proceed with the transaction?

We pay & you hand over the account. In order for to pay first, you must own a PayPal account, other forms of payment would require you to hand over the Vine account first. Since the burden of risk falls onto, we might require identity verification from the seller. We have a lot of people taking advantage of our service (running after payment) so we must take precautions to protect our interests.

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