Community warning: Facebook is still doing fanpage sweeps!

Not too long ago, we wrote a piece on how Facebook is performing their annual website cleanup, by banning fanpages that have violated their Terms of Service. Normally, these sweeps happen every year, and they last a few weeks. This time, however, we’re into the seventh week! Yes, we’re still receiving reports from our members that some of their fanpages were recently unpublished. First of all, if you own any Facebook fanpages, don’t panic. Even though Facebook sometimes mistakenly deletes a fanpage, even if it didn’t break any rules, most of these sweeps are targeting fanpages that directly break Facebook’s terms. Nearly every report that we have received involved a fanpage that directly posted the following content:

Nudity! If your status updates show a little skin, you might get your fanpage banned, and if you post straight up nudity, consider your Facebook page gone. Even slightly suggestive photos are considered unsafe. So, if you happen to post any images, videos, or links that include nudity, or anything that could be regarded as sexual in nature, delete it A.S.A.P. Remember, Facebook has photo-scanning algorithms that determine if a photo is considered unsafe, and they get triggered quite easy. Algorithms are very unforgiving, so make sure your content is rated PG-13.

Hateful content. Don’t get into sensitive subjects such as immigration or race. Posts like that might anger some followers, and they can (and will) report your posts. Facebook is not a platform for free speech, they have proven that throughout the years, by censoring content they don’t like. Keep your posts mild, don’t insult anyone, and lay low!

Curse words! Don’t use explicit language, whether it’s in images, links, or videos. Facebook wants their platform to be family friendly, so quoting 2Pac (for example) might not be the best idea.

Spam. Don’t spam your fanpage with crappy links, especially mylikes links. It seems that Facebook is overly-sensitive these days and they really dislike anything mylikes related.


If you believe your fanpage is breaking any of these rules, we suggest you start scrubbing and clean up your page’s newsfeed. We don’t know how long this current sweep will last, or if it will stop at all. Facebook really wants their website to be family friendly, so if your niche doesn’t fit that model, you might need to rebrand or move to a different platform. If you happen to lost your page, file an appeal. Many of our members were successful in getting the ban overturned. Just delete all bad content, and contact Facebook page support with a thoroughly written letter. Make sure to apologize, tell them you got carried away, and that you won’t make the same mistake again. The more professional and sincere you sound, the more chances you will have of getting your Facebook fanpage back.


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