Errors, errors everywhere!

If you follow auctions, you know by now that the last two listings were a complete disaster. We don’t know why this happened, but it did. Errors started popping out of nowhere, and just when we thought we fixed the website, it crashed all over again. I would like to thank all our users for the quick error reporting, it saved us a bunch of headaches. In the future, please use this form to submit any website bugs / errors.

So what did we do?

  1. Upgraded our auction script to the latest version.
  2. Updated our commerce script to the latest version.
  3. Removed a few obsolete shortcodes.
  4. Changed server timezone.
  5. Minor code fixes.

Hopefully, this should solve our problems. If you still struggle to view / bid / navigate the auctions, please contact us ASAP.





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