From staff: Sales will resume next week!

Many of you have been emailing us asking if you are still in our network, as you are unable to see any new auctions. Don’t worry, it’s not just you. We have suspended all sales till mid next week, all because I took a vacation. It ‘s hard to run operations with a crazy wife who wants to sit on the beach 24/7, but believe me, I am trying my best to catch leads each and every day. It’s just our luck that this week hasn’t been good, and I have been declining properties left and right, so in reality, none of us are missing out on anything.

We’re flying back in two days, and I plan to crank out some sales once we land. In meanwhile, if any of our members would like to list a property of their own simply contact our support. Please include the property URL, stats, and a reserve price with your submission, I will review the property and get back to you shortly.

Thanks again for your patience and greetings from sunny Cape Verde!

-Dave K.

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