Google + Pages are being swarmed with spam comments, and it’s getting pretty bad.

The top social giants offer a vast trove of information and global connectivity that make our lives more enjoyable. However, there are frustrating parts of that world, like spam, and even worse, adult spam. Currently, social media platforms are the one place that porn spam likes to fester, and according to recent reports, Google+ seems to be the latest and largest target. Yes, the beloved social platform offered by Google is currently flooded with porn spam. I know many marketers have written off Google Plus as just another failed Google project, and that’s fine. I mean, even we have questioned if Google has abandoned the platform. However. despite what we think, Google Plus still draws in a massive following, and it has millions of people using the platform daily.

Google+ isn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination. But it has been valuable for many in finding friends who are like-minded and share the same interests. We have been on Google Plus pages since the first few days of its launch, and we continue to stick with it for many niches. We lasted through many Google + so-called “downfalls.” Even through its changing of management, format, and design. We stick with it. Not because of Google, but because of the people who continue to use the platform.

The good news is that we keep getting reassured that Google is not abandoning the project, and we sure hope that is true. But lately, it seems the interest in keeping spambot accounts off the platform isn’t on the priority list, and this is usually the first sign of an abandoned site/platform/service. Ever been to a dead forum? Ever visited an abandoned blog? In 9 out of 10 cases, you will find nothing but spam. Google seems to head down the same path, as the spam on pages keeps increasing every single day. Particularly porn spam and the fake accounts posting spam comments. We spend far too much time reporting, deleting and blocking these porn spam comments than we should be, and it has even caused one of our staff members to write off the platform, at least for now.

As a result of these spam attacks, many pages are forced to disable their comment section, because it is simply too much work to keep up with these fake accounts. Below are just a few (blurred out) examples of the mess that is being posted.

If anyone from Google Plus is reading this, we know it takes a lot of work to police a social network (or any community website), but it seems you might be too busy doing something else. We’re just asking you to do better and clean up the platform, as it’s headed down the wrong path. This problem is not affecting every user on the platform, but we’ve been hearing more complaints about porn spam, even other tech sites are beginning to report on this issue. Does this mean the end of Google Plus? We sure hope not. With the dominance of Facebook and Instagram, we need every bit of competition we can get, otherwise, we are opening the door to a social media monopoly headed by Facebook.

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