“How I constantly get one million views on a 10K Instagram account”

The following is a case study taken from SWAPD.co Knowledgebase. It was written by a SWAPD member named LushClass. We thought it was an excellent write-up, so we decided to share it with our readers. This is basically an overview of the current way the Instagram algorithm works, and it explains how little accounts are able to generate millions of impressions per post.

Got bored and thought I’d give a brief lecture on growing Instagram accounts. I run a social media growing service and built over 300 active accounts for clients till date. The question I get asked the most is how?!

How does a page grow 10k+ followers in a day?
How does your 50k page get 80k likes regularly?
How is your 2m follower page this active?
How do you always get more views than followers?

Well, hopefully, you’ll understand a little about accounts by the end of this, and feel free to PM any questions. So, growing accounts isn’t magic, it’s literally just about making Instagram’s algorithm your lover; understanding the hell out of her! So everything I’ll talk about here is basically the understanding I’ve picked up over the years and not an official manual to Instagram so feel free to correct me if you think I’m somewhat inaccurate.

So how do posts go viral?

You might know this already, but it’s something called likes! Likes is a term we use to describe the process of an account engaging with your posts in return for them engaging with yours. What does this do?
Say for instance you follow me on Instagram, the algorithm believes you love me and so you love everything I love. Therefore, if I like Mr. A’s post and you don’t follow Mr. A, you would see Mr. A’s post in your accounts explore section. So basically if I had 1m followers when I like Mr. A’s post, all my followers that go on explore within a duration of time (5 days) see the post. So, the more of such accounts that like your post, the more impressions you get. They see your posts on their explore and decide to like it, and if they really do love the post, they decide to check out the account, and that’s how you grow! So the 80k likes I get on a 50k pageĀ are not from my followers but from the followers of my followers that engage with my posts on explore.
So the bigger the account that likes, the more people see your post.

That’s an intro into how posts go viral, I’ll do a continuation when next I get bored haha.

Hope that helps!

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