Important notice: We are currently suspending Paypal payments.

UPDATE 10.11.2016: Paypal payments have now resumed! The article below is now outdated and we’re leaving it up for historical purposes.

We regret to say that until further notice, we will not be accepting Paypal payments. This happened due to a disgruntled customer, who filed a dispute with us for a considerable amount, on an item he purchased over three months ago. For this reason, we cannot accept Paypal payments until this is resolved, and that may take a while. Due to situations like these I strongly suggest everyone read our rules located here:

Please remember, we cannot be held liable for things that we have no control of. The client who filed the large dispute lost a property after months of using it, only to claim that this is somehow our fault and that “we should have a policy to cover this.” Due to Paypal’s unreasonable six-month dispute policy and very slow dispute resolution times, we will be slowly phasing away from that payment processor.

In meanwhile, here are the following changes in our payment methods, and they apply immediately, even to ongoing auctions:

For payments up to 500 USD: BTC + Skrill + Wire
For payments up to 1000 USD: Skrill + Wire
Anything over 1000: Bank wire / Western Union / Money gram.

If you happen to have active bidsĀ and don’t agree to these terms, please email [email protected] so I can remove your offers.

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