Important updates to auctions and payment rules.

We have a few important changes to the way we conduct transactions, and the way auctions are managed.

Starting 10.05.2017, we are lowering our PayPal limits from 4000 USD to 2500 USD. This may cause a lot of inconvenience for our members, however, we have been advised by PayPal that our business model is quite risky for them, and they asked us to scale back a little. PayPal called our company a few days ago and warned us that we are getting limited and flagged for a thorough review. As we all know, PayPal isn’t too intangible item friendly, and their reputation also is widely known as unfair and harsh. To our surprise, they worked with our company to reach a deal, we scale back on monthly volume, and we get to stay. Otherwise, we would have to look for another payment merchant. This is why we can no longer accept PayPal for invoices over 2500 USD.

The second update is regarding the way we catalog our auctions. To make things easy for our members, we’re combining the bargain bin and viral auctions into one page. From now on, all auctions will be hosted under

We have also improved security and a few other parts of our website.

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