Instagram now features a view counter on all uploaded videos.


Video is getting wildly popular on Instagram with watch time up 44% in the past six months, so now the platform is trying to lure the best video makers from competitors like Youtube and Vine. Over the next few weeks, Instagram will begin showing view counts on videos where the Like number used to be, though you can still click on it to see the heart counter. Just like on Facebook, three seconds counts as a view. Instagram’s 400 million active users is a safe bet that view counts will be impressive, and they’ll convince video creators they should post their content on this growing platform.

It’s not the first time this platform tried to lure in content makers. Instagram has already been working to win the hearts of top creators from other popular video platforms, with the recent launch of their recent Spotlight Compilations feature. To top things off, Instagram has also begun Spotlighting individual video creators. For example, Zach King is a video effects magician known for using seamless cuts to transform eggs or oranges into chickens or orange juice, and thanks to the spotlight Mr. King is getting four to five million views per day.

Here’s how view counts and the hidden Like counts will work on Instagram


With the combination of Instagram’s high user count and unparalleled engagement, the platform has plenty of leverage it can use to pull in content creators. Instagram’s strategies to lure in creators and advertisers intertwine. Influencer marketing through sponsored video content is currently the hottest way to advertise. Businesses pay content creators to come up with fun videos that feature the products/services they’re selling, and share it with their massive audience.  By increasing the number of star creators on its platform through Spotlights and other promotion ideas, Instagram could prove their content will reach a massive audience. This will push advertisers to not only pay the creators to make and share videos for them, but to pay Instagram to boost their reach by buying extra advertising space for to promote the clips.

Instagram announced that there would be more updates coming to both the video creation and viewing experience during 2016.  Hosting content creators could add another reason for people to constantly come back beyond just seeing what their friends uploaded. Amateur sunset photos and pictures of food can get a little boring over the years. But these viral content creators are always coming up with something new to delight their followers, so they should keep Instagram fresh. It is amazing what a little counter can do, isn’t it?

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