Looking towards 2016 and beyond.


2015 is slowly coming to an end, and we would like to thank everyone for a fantastic year. We have been on the market for almost a year now, and in this short time, we have facilitated sales totaling over 19 million fans and followers across the globe. We’re looking towards 2016, and while we’re not planning to push more sales or expand our staff, we will try to make our member experience more pleasing by making a few changes to our website.

First and foremost we will be making a site-wide theme update, just to keep things fresh and to stay on top of the current trends. The changes will be subtle yet noticeable. Second thing on the agenda would be to open a public forum that is related to social marketing. We will also try to speed up support response times by streamlining our lead submission process. The upgrade process will be slow and painful, mainly due to lack of time. We will try to have everything finished by December 31st, so I ask you for your patience and please report any bugs you may encounter.

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