Public service announcement: YouTube accounts aren’t cheap.

youtubebuy receives thousands of requests weekly, and many of them are from users who’re ready to purchase a YouTube account. We’re releasing this short PSA (public service announcement), to let all of our buyers know that YouTube accounts are rare, and they don’t come cheap. Over 90% of our YouTube buyer requests come from people whose budgets range in the two-digit department, and we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you will not be able to purchase an established YouTube account for twenty bucks. We can’t blame people for trying, because of the countless success stories people hear about YouTube and the riches that come along. Well, it is not all that pretty, and we will go over the reality of YouTube in just a moment, but one thing that everyone needs to be aware of is that no one in their right mind would sell a successful, money-generating YouTube account for 50$. There is an ounce of venting in this article, because we keep getting flooded with these requests almost daily, and they’re taking up most of our time, which we have very little to spare, mainly due to lack of staff.

There are two types of YouTube sellers in this world.

The “I am ready to quit YouTube” seller. Yes, successful accounts are being sold, despite popular belief. Some people just are tired of making content, feel burned out, or their real life situation is forcing them to sell. Gamers grow up, pranks get old, people get tired of recording their lives 24/7. There are countless of reasons why people sell established YouTube accounts, so the market is there, no doubt about it. However, most of these sellers will never sell their accounts cheaply. Why? Because established YouTube accounts generate money, and to get rid of something that brings an income for a nominal price just does not make sense what-so-ever. Generally speaking, established YouTube accounts sell for six times their monthly income, so if an account is making 5,000 USD per month, be prepared to spend at least 30,000 USD to obtain it.

The “I messed up my channel, need to get rid of it quick” seller. These types of sellers also have successful YouTube accounts that used to make a substantial amount of money each and every month. However, this type of seller is only looking to quick sell because at some point they have messed up their accounts by losing monetization rights, or by receiving multiple copyright violations, or by signing cumbersome / unfair contractual obligations to other networks. YouTube is a very delicate eco-system, it is very easy to screw up. All it takes is two copyright strikes to have over half of your privileges removed, and the third one usually means a death sentence. Also, many YouTubers get lured into contracts with bigger networks, which are often very unfair to the channel owner.  These contracts aren’t something you can simply back out of unless you want to end up in court. But why would anyone sign an unfair contract? Many YouTubers don’t think things through, and they don’t read the fine print. They get suckered into these deals with hopes of growing bigger and getting more money. So you see, these types of sellers will sell for much less, but who in their right mind would shell out money on damaged goods? People get into YouTube to make money (and have fun while making it), and accounts that have been limited are nearly worthless.

Even the damaged / limited YouTube channels are worth more than 20 USD, so we please ask all our members and visitors to increase their budgets or lower their expectations. Even if you’re able to finally purchase such an account, remember that you have to keep the subscribers happy by providing the same type of content, and that task can be very difficult. In conclusion, we apologize for bringing such a grim outlook on your potential YouTube ventures, but high-end accounts are usually maintained by a large group of professionals, and obtaining such an account for 20$ is just impossible.


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