Thank you for your continued patience.

With the exception of a few sales, we are constantly low on new properties. We would like to apologize to all the waiting buyers, we’re trying our best to acquire new properties. We have been on a losing streak lately because out of every 100-200 daily leads we reject 100% of them. Why? People went mad with prices and/or they’re trying to sell something worthless. We’re getting frustrated, but despite that we continue to fight on. Even lower-end fanpages are tough to obtain now. With people buying / selling every day we believe that easy to purchase pages are a thing of the past. To use an analogy, fanpages are the same as crude oil. The once easy reachable oil has run out and is much harder to obtain, just like fanpages. Most of the good pages have been bought out by big companies, and the rest are sitting idle with admins nowhere to be found.

We are currently focusing very strong on Instagram, but that platform is so hot right now that very few people are selling.
Keep a look out for our e-mails as auctions are coming soon!

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