The blue bird has been updated! Twitter now displays full photos inside the feed.


Twitter is changing the way how photos and images posted to its service will look, with a much bigger focus on a more media-heavy experience. The update, a minor tweak in the grand scheme of things, is aimed at helping Twitter transition from the microblog service to one that better supports rich multimedia. The change is subtle yet very important, and it addresses the photo auto-cropping feature. It was no secret that Twitter auto crop feature resulted in poor follower engagement, every time an image was posted. However, there is good news! After today’s changes, Twitter’s feed will now show full-sized images and photos, rather than cropping them into an awkwardly sized rectangle. This is great news for anyone who’s regularly tweeted photos of friends or family, only to have Twitter weirdly cut off their head and center an image on their chest or groin (naughty!). This should increase the engagement levels for all companies and brands who utilize Twitter as their main social platform.


Twitter made the announcement this morning, and it appears that the update has already rolled out. In addition to switching over to uncropped photos, Twitter is also changing up how it displays user tweets with multiple images (albums). Those uploaded photos will now look a bit more like a photo collection on Facebook, with one main photo on the left and others off to the right side. That way, there’s at least one big and visible photo, rather than having several tiny images you can’t see very well. So what do you think about this update? We for one welcome the change, as images have the ability to make things go viral. However, the change also means scanning tweets on your Timeline will require more scrolling than ever before, as the larger images take up more screen space. This might be a problem for power users, but we believe that the average Joe will be quite satisfied with this update.

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