Twitter may soon increase the character limit to 10,000.


Sick of the short character limit that has been constraining the way you express your thoughts on Twitter? Well, that problem may soon come to an end, because the big blue bird has been exploring the possibility of extending the 140 character limit. Online rumors say that the social media company is looking to increase the limit from 140 to a staggering 10k characters.

Published by Re/code, the report indicates that Twitter is working on a new feature that would allow users to tweets posts with a character limit of 10,000, which is the same limit imposed on Twitter’s direct messages feature. The newly proposed limits would work by showing the regular 140 characters of a tweet, however, by clicking the tweet users would be able to see an expanded version of the post.

In the past Twitter already experimented with longer content and bigger pictures (they even recently removed the autocropping feature), but it diminished user engagement. However, it was only natural that statistics dropped. If any particular content on Twitter takes a long time to consume (or anywhere else for that matter), it is less likely that you’ll view and interact with it. That is why Twitter is trying to add more content via an expandable content box, this way you won’t see any disruptions while going through your feed.

There are many critics of these changes, but Mr. Mathew Ingram, an editor of Fortune, pointed out in his column that Twitter’s planned character increase could cause an “ultimate war of platforms,” as each service tries to host more content. Despite online opinions, Twitter’s number one priority, just like any major social platform is user growth and activity. This change could be an excellent way to attract new users to the website, because compared to Facebook or Instagram, Twitter is struggling to expand its audience.

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