Unofficial fanpages are being blocked for review, could your fanpage be affected?

Just an FYI, has posted a great article on recent unconfirmed changes Facebook is making regarding unofficial fanpage.

It seems that facebook is cracking down on unofficial fanpages by blocking the content within them. Thousands of sneaky admins gained notorious popularity by pretending to be an official source for a celebrity or cause, which made thier fanpages go super-nova viral. This method has been known since the conception of fanpages,  create an official looking page and wait for the fans to flock in. This method may soon come to an end, as recent actions taken by facebook suggest that they’re cracking down on unofficial sources. While facebook has not confirmed anything officially, we’re seeing a growing number of fanpages being blocked or their titles re-written.

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If you own any unofficial fanpages, it is in your best interest to read the full article, so you can prepare yourself and possibly take actions to lessen the risk of losing your fanpage. Now don’t panic, Facebook isn’t actually removing or deleting fanpages. It seems that unofficial fanpages are getting flagged for review, and they’re temporarily blocked until the staff approves them. For more info, please visit and read their full article.


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