Update: we’re back!

Great news everyone, we’re back in full force! Wait, what? Ok, we admit. We weren’t really gone, but judging by the activity and our current sales volume (which is almost non-existent), you would imagine that we have closed doors. Well, things couldn’t be further from the truth. We’re still here, and we are still working on new leads every single day. Albeit, since the beginning of January, we took a step back to watch over our new ventures. We have wandered into new opportunities, which caused us to neglect this website a little. But we’re not giving up, and we will do our best to bring things back to where they were in 2017. Currently, we’re struggling to host 5-6 auctions per month, where last year we were hosting 7-8 auctions per week. This isn’t entirely our fault, because it’s the buyer demand that dropped and caused the slowdown in sales. Why did the buyer demand drop? The reason for the decline is that our primary product (Facebook Fanpages), went through drastic changes, causing them to become less desirable to marketers. Since our main product is no longer as desirable, it caused an extreme drop in activity on our website. For now, everybody is waiting to see what Facebook will do next, and until then, you can expect a lack of Facebook Fanpages. On the upside, we plan to expand into other platforms, so we please ask you to stay tuned and rough it out with us through this slow period. Social media marketing is here to stay, whether it’s through Facebook or other social platforms.

Thank you for your continued patience and loyalty!

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