Verified Twitter accounts will be tougher to keep and obtain, says Twitter.

The social network reported that it will remove the little blue check mark (verified icon) from users who violate its policies.

“Twitter verification is not forever,” this appears to be the new motto over at Twitter Inc. The social network recently reported that it is reviewing the process by which it gives high-profile users the little blue check marks, which equates to an endorsement from Twitter that users are who they say they are. This undoubtedly will affect people within our network who devised ways to verify accounts easily. The company is working on developing a new authentication and verification process, the social media company reported in a tweet from its main support account. And until this new process is put in place, the company will no longer accept public submissions for verification.

But wait, there is more! Twitter is also reviewing its current group of verified accounts and announced that it will remove the blue check mark on any Twitter accounts that do not fall within its new guidelines. Twitter has not widely removed verifications up to this point, but did take away the blue check mark from a few known individuals this year. So, it looks like a Twitter purge is ahead of us. Will your account survive?

“We should have addressed this earlier but did not prioritize the work as we should have,”

Twitter said in one of a series of tweets announcing the changes.

Twitter verification started back in 2009. For years, verification was considered a sort of status symbol handed down from the social network. Not only were you considered cool, but your Twitter account was also worth a lot more with that little blue icon. Since the conception of the verification process, the company did not have a clear policy for how to receive the verified badge. Most verified users today are celebrities, musicians, journalists, media outlets, politicians, and other known brands. In 2016, Twitter announced that it would open verification up to the public, allowing everyone to hop on the verified status train. People who wanted to apply for verification could fill out a form and provide information including a valid email address, phone number, and a form of ID.

The company now says that the verification process gave the blue check marks to “people who we in no way endorse.” The company will now remove the verification badge from anyone who misleads people in their display name or bio, promotes hate, engages in harassment, engages in violent behavior, shares disturbing imagery or expresses self-harm.

To recap, it looks like verified Twitter accounts will now jump in price, by a lot. Since it will be challenging to obtain and keep a verified badge, you can expect Twitter sellers to raise their prices.

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