We are moving our domain operations to a new website!

OK, it’s not a secret that ViralAccounts.com isn’t that deep into domains. In fact, we have never held a single auction for a domain name. This isn’t because we didn’t own any domains, it’s because we’re trying to stay focused exclusively on social media properties. However, behind the scenes, we have been slowly gaining momentum in the buying/selling domain market. Because that sector of our service is growing, we have decided to move our domain operations to our new website, EstablishedDomains.co. So, if you’re looking to buy or sell established domains, we invite you to try our new service. We also please ask for your patience while we iron out the kinks in our website. Our workload is high and staff overworked, so it may take a while before we’re 100% efficient.

/That is all.

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