Website upgrade completed!

Noticed a lack of auctions lately? It’s not just you. In the past few days, our website got deindexed due to two things, slow loading and bad backlinks. It seems that our PR releases attracted too many site-aggregators, which caused a massive influx of bad backlinks from undesirable websites. This problem went unnoticed for weeks/months, until Google took action and deindexed our site. The good news is that (we believe) the problem has been fixed, and we’re slowly appearing back in Google. This situation also forced us to split our website onto two servers, to speed it up for our members (and Google). The members’ area is located at, and that section will now feature our auctions. The blog portion of our website remains unchanged, and you can still access it at

We apologize for all the downtime, we should be able to resume auctions next week. I would like to thank everyone for their patience and thank you for using!

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