We’re back in full force!

Noticed a recent slowdown on our website? Fewer auctions? Well, it wasn’t just you. Summer time is usually a very slow season for buying and selling properties, mainly because people are away from their computers while enjoying their vacations. Our staff also likes to have fun, and we recently decided to go on a 10-day vacation. This is why things came to a crawl. But guess what? We’re back and ready to bring you exciting new properties. Just this week we sold over 3 million fans in only two auctions! We’re pursuing new leads daily, and this month we will have a few Instagram and Twitter accounts for sale.

To keep things interesting we’re planning more user interactive contests. Our last one was a huge success, and the winner walked away with a free 109,000 followers Twitter account. ViralAccounts.com is also currently working on a mobile app that will keep you notified whenever a new auction is up. Due to unforgiving e-mail spam filters, many of our users are unaware of new deals, and this problem will be solved via our notification app.

So make sure to check your inbox, and if you have any questions or requests use our contact form for a speedy service. We would like to send out a big thanks to our clients and sellers who make our service possible.

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