We’re slashing our Instagram purchase prices by 50%


Brace yourselves Instagram account sellers, we have some bad news coming your way. Starting today (05/08/2016), we’re slashing our Instagram purchase prices by half. We know, we know, how can we slice 50% off when we don’t even offer a price chart? Well, that is true. However, while we don’t offer a set price list (mainly because it is impossible to provide one in this business) anyone experienced in this field somewhat knows the approximate value of their Instagram account. That knowledge comes from the thousands of forum posts, blog entries, and articles all across the web. This is what we’re basing the 50% from, which is the current approximate perceived value of your Instagram account, according to the general consensus of the Internet. So, in short, think you have a 1000 USD account on your hands? Nope, not around our neck of the woods you don’t. While your account may still be worth a 1000 USD to someone else (remember, this is just an example) we will be unable to match that.

So, why have Instagram account prices fallen?

While we aren’t 100% sure, we have a pretty good idea why the platform is on a decline (value wise), and the reasons are:

There are just too many accounts being sold, thus lowering the prices across the board. When something is bountiful, it is no longer expensive. For example, have a 100K account that you want 900 USD for? You’re not going to get it, because there are 1000’s of other sellers with similar accounts who will sell for much less. Large Instagram accounts are no longer unique, that is why they are dropping in price.

Everyone is a reseller these days. Yup, this is also a reason why these accounts are getting cheaper. Usually, people aren’t aware that their social profiles could be worth something. However, Instagram received a lot of buzz from media publications, and everyone thinks that since Kim Kardashian makes 10,000 USD per uploaded promotional photo that they can too. This is not true, and making money on Instagram is incredibly difficult, which brings us to our next point.

Monetization. Instagram is incredibly hard to monetize. Unless you’re a famous celebrity,┬áhardly anyone will pay you to upload a picture. You might make a few dollars here and there by doing shoutouts, but if you over spam your audience with too many posts, they will get angry and leave. You can’t get instant traffic from Instagram, you can’t post links and it’s hard to advertise on it. Basically, it is currently only used for raising brand recognition. Brand recognition doesn’t make money in the sense where you can instantly recoup your investment. Brand recognition campaigns can take years and tons of money, to have any effect on one’s wallet.

Fake / bot generated accounts. The influx of accounts that were generated with use of automation creates an overall distrust towards the platform. Savvy Instagram users resort to software, to artificially boost their activity. Even though these “iffy” accounts are easy to spot, they scare away potential marketers who want to invest in the platform.

To conclude this article, we are dropping prices until further notice. We apologize to all our sellers, but this is something out of our control. If you have any questions regarding your Instagram account feel free to contact us.

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