We’re still experiencing a shortage of decent properties.

Since last month, we’ve had a series of disasters that affected our operation. From being deindexed by Google, to internal, ultra rare caching bugs. This caused a pause in sales, and we have not had a single auction in the past 30 days. For this, we apologize. We took all the steps necessary to recover from the Google penalty, and we have finally fixed the issues with our website. Do not think that our staff used some dirty SEO tactics to deserve this deindexing, this isn’t how it went down. It was a combination of negative SEO (competition is playing dirty), slow loading pages (due to the bug), and aggregator websites causing low-quality backlinks from the press releases we have launched.┬áTo complicate things even further, we are getting sued by one of our members, who blames us for his short-comings.

The good news is that we have bounced back, the traffic is back to normal and leads are pouring in. However, the leads are a story of their own, as nothing we receive is worthy of an auction. We reject over 100 leads per day, most of the properties we encounter are ultra low quality, usually built via engagement networks. We hope this will turn around quick, as with each passing day we receive more emails from concerned members. Do not worry, we are still here, and we’re still operational. Consider this a small setback and in meanwhile, why don’t you give SWAPD a try? In the past 30 days, their service received over 130,000 views, and their arsenal of properties keeps growing.

Thank you for your patience and see you once the auctions resume!

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