Wondering what works on Facebook? This clever company analysed over one million posts to answer that question.

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Ever wonder what type of strategy/content works best on Facebook pages? That is the age old question that all marketers ask themselves, nearly every year. This is due to the unforgiving NewsFeed algorithm changes that Facebook imposes on everyone, and they do it quite frequently. In fact, Facebook algorithms change so fast, even methods from 2016 may no longer be viable for this year. In order to stay ahead, you need to know how to reach the most people, and to do that, you need vast amounts of data and research. One company set out just to do that, and thanks to their report, Facebook fanpage owners have a fighting chance to stay ahead of the competition. Youroutreach.com, the company who released the report, is a platform where content marketers and influencers meet all under one roof. Their team analyzed over 1.38 million status updates, spread out across 1,647 fanpages, in order to see what content/behavior currently works the best on Facebook.

So, how did they do it? Straight from their report:

Recently I did some research on top 1,647 Facebook pages across all niches to find out what type of posts get the most likes, shares and comments and here are the results. So before I jump to the conclusion, it’s important to tell how I found the data so you know it’s not a study with made up numbers. The CSV of 1.38 million posts is also attached at the end for you to download and do any further study you wish to do. First step was to make a list of top pages from all niches. My assistant created a list of top 1,647 pages from all niches with the help of Fan Page ListSecond step was to collect data from all those pages. For this purpose I created a small windows program which used Facebook API to download Page Category, Post Message, Post Tags, Picture, Link, type, created date/updated date, number of likes, comments, shares and some other related data. As weird as it may sound but it took me almost a month to download all this data.

The whopping amount of data is nicely compiled into a one-page report (you can download it too), for more information please visit the report directly:

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