What to look for when buying social media account influence

The following article is a guest blog post by one of our readers. Thank you!

So here’s the thing, if you want to get ahead in the Social Media world, buying influence is arguably one of the best and fastest ways of doing it. However, there are some key things to look for when you are looking to buy an account, no matter what platform you choose. So, here are some general rules to follow:

1. The number of followers does not always equal a good account.

Just because an account has a lot of followers, it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a good account to purchase influence on.  There are literally teams of people who sit around and create fake profiles so people can buy them to make their numbers look bigger.  They also use these followers to create accounts that look big so they can sell them to people like you!

2. Look for a good engagement to follower ratio.

I would rather have an account that has 30k followers with 3,000-4,000 likes per photo than an account with 300,000 followers with 3,000-4,000 likes per photo. Why?  Because the smaller account has better engagement and growth opportunities.  Chances are the account with hundreds of thousands of followers just has lots of fake followers who will do nothing for you, while the account with 30k followers most likely has good organic growth that will convert well moving forward.

3. Look at the actual engagement.

When you’re looking for the engagement ensure it’s authentic.  In addition to creating fake profiles, account creators will even create engagement to make it look like it’s an authentic account.  You can usually tell its authentic when the comments are unique and when the account creator responds to the comments.  If you see a photo that has 100 comments but they are all emojis or short words like “wow, amazing %100” chances are they are fake comments, likes, and followers.  You can also look at account follower’s profiles.  If each person following that account follows thousands of people, has tons of followers and only 4-5 photos, it’s probably a fake account.

4. Ask to see the analytics.

Always ask to get a screenshot of the account.  Below are two images of a good Tumblr account’s analytics and a poor Tumblr account’s analytics.  You will see the first one has 100k+ followers. Wow, right?  Well, look at the notes (that’s likes, reblogs and comments).  Now, look at the account with 35k followers.  Notice the difference?  The account with 108k followers is one that I purchased, the one with the 35k followers is one I built organically.  The one I built organically will greatly outperform the one I purchased because the one I bought was built through poor techniques.

5.  Buy accounts that pertain to what you’re selling.

If you’re looking to buy an account and convert it, ensure it is in line with your industry.  This means that if you sell rock metal t-shirts don’t buy an Instagram account that features love quotes. Chances are you won’t be reaching the right audience.  I always try to find accounts that are in the same area.  For example, if I am selling dog toys I’d look for an account that features photos of cute dogs.
Hopefully, these tips will help when choosing a social media account to buy!  If you would like more information about the author please visit PhotoBucketList.com or check out my Instagram (@photobucketlist) where I blog about becoming a professional photographer!

The following article was a guest blog post by one of our readers. Thank you!

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