Bargain Bin Properties

Bargain Bin Properties 2018-01-25T11:10:39+00:00 Bargain Bin properties are less desirable social assets that can be purchased at reasonable prices. They may or may not include followers from unwanted countries, low fan count/activity, poor follower retention, or they were built via automation, such as follow/unfollow methods. We pride ourselves in selling influence on the best social properties on the web, so it may come at a surprise to our members that we’re offering access to properties that were built artificially. Before you start sounding off the alarms, please hear us out. We never have and never will sell influence on accounts built via fake followers, likes, fav’s, retweets, loops, etc. Accounts that were built using automation still have real people following it, and the only difference is that the users were tricked into liking the page or account, versus being grown organically. This stands against our company’s motto. However, many of our clients shown interest in these lesser quality properties, this is why we have decided to oblige and provide them in our auctions.

Still interested?

Please keep in mind that due to the risky nature of these bargain properties, we cannot offer any sort of warranty on items categorized in our Bargain Bin. Not even our Buy Back Policy may apply to our auctions marked BB or Bargain Bin, unless otherwise specified on the auction page. On the plus side, you can now enjoy influence on big social accounts via smaller budgets. Remember, a bargain does not necessarily mean lesser quality. We have personally experienced great results with accounts built via automation, and so did many of our clients. Generally speaking, it is a 50/50 shot as far as follower retention goes, some accounts tend to leak fans/followers, while others actually increase in activity and size. This section isn’t only for accounts/pages built via automation, as many of our properties listed here are 100% organic. They might need heavy work to get them going again, or a knowledge of different cultures and languages, but remember, you get to access them at much lower rates!

Bargain Bin auctions may include:

  • Smaller accounts (20-50k fans/followers)

  • Non-English accounts

  • Very inactive accounts/pages

  • Odd/hard to monetize niches/topics

  • Properties built with the use of automation

  • Undesirable fanbase (tier 2-3 countries)

  • Properties with unverifiable history

  • Adult related properties

Are you up for it? If so, start bidding away.