Looking to buy Tumblr accounts? Tumblr remains the most teen-centric social network that you should definitely consider buying into. Young users generally mean that income levels are low among Tumblr users, but Tumblr is great as a canvas for brand messages: it’s image-centric, its content is very shareable, and it has a very defined quirky user culture that has grown up around it. With 200 million daily visitors and 130k signups a day, Tumblr is on par with most major social media giants. Over the past few years, it amounted over 142 billion blog posts! Tumblr is also known for having well SEO optimized pages, giving them more organic exposure.

Why is Tumblr unique?

  • Unlike the other social media giants that have a universal design, Tumblr.com allows users to customize the colors, theme, and layout of their blogs.
  • It features a wealth of content at 325 million blogs and 142 billion posts, Tumblr users share everything from news articles and pop culture memes to their own thoughts and (often bizarre) artwork.
  • Along with its unique style, Tumblr also has a member base that is completely distinct from any other social media site. Over 65% of Tumblr users are Millennials (age 18-34), one of the most connected and mobile-centric generations.

Most of the topics on Tumblr are focused around various fandoms, or groups of people who are very enthusiastic about a particular TV series, movie, book or even industry, like interior design or fashion. Understanding these unique communities that form around these topics will give you a huge advantage in effectively marketing to Tumblr’s users.

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    How much are Tumblr accounts worth?

    That depends on where the followers are from, the activity, and niche. Normally, Tumblr accounts are one of the cheapest social properties you can get into. Even high-end accounts rarely top 500-600 USD per account.

    Can I see a list of Tumblr accounts you manage?

    No. We don’t have any Tumblr lists, as we connect companies to influencers as soon as we obtain a willing publisher. We flip them as we get them, so we have no say in the topic/activity/size. Only long-time clients have the option to request a property within their niche. To find out more about how we operate please read this page.

    Why do I have to wait so long to purchase Tumblr accounts?

    We have tons of buyers but very little sellers, so we always run into demand versus supply issues. To keep our current pool of buyers happy, we limit new memberships. Normally, wait times range from one to four weeks.

    Is a popular Tumblr account a good source of traffic?

    Not really, unless you’re giving the followers that they want. However, since Tumblr is a microblog you can spread your content within the platform, you can even add your own advertisements.

    What are some other benefits of Tumblr accounts?

    You can monetize them from within, by adding your own Adsense banners (or any other banners).

    Is ViralAccounts.com affiliated with Tumblr?

    ViralAccounts.com is not affiliated with Tumblr or any other companies mentioned on this page. All product names, logos, and brands are the property of their respective owners. All product and service names used on this website are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement. ViralAccounts.com does not store or own any Tumblr accounts, our company simply acts as a mediator between the willing buyers and sellers.

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