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A popular Instagram account in a desirable niche can be worth a lot of money. If you’re thinking about selling your Instagram account, then please make sure it meets our requirements outlined below:

  • No small-time accounts, we prefer at least 40,000 followers.
  • The account must be in good standing, no suspensions or warnings.
  • High activity is welcomed but not required. Less active accounts are simply worth less. However, if your account has below than average activity levels, we won’t be able to purchase it.

To view the full list of our requirements, click here.
If you believe you qualify, please contact us by submitting the form below. Remember, it does not matter how silly your Instagram account may seem, we will purchase nearly everything. We will contact you in less than 12 hours to further verify your property. We may ask for additional information before we make you an offer.

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Instagram accounts prices greatly vary, and their value is based on many factors. They sell for little as $50 USD, and up to $2-3k USD per account. In rare cases, accounts can reach up to 10k-20k USD. It mostly depends on niche, amount of followers and activity. To get a detailed appraisal just contact us at your leisure.


Before you click that submit button, please read our Basic Seller Rules. We will ignore any submissions from sellers who did not follow our basic guidelines. If you have any questions, please read our Instagram FAQ page or visit the support center.


I am thinking about selling my Instagram account, but how will I get paid?

We mostly prefer to deal via PayPal. However, we also offer a variety of other payment methods such as Skrill, Western Union, MoneyGram, BitCoin and bank wire. Please remember that as stated in our rules, will only pay first if the transaction is conducted via Paypal, any other payment method will require the seller to forfeit the account before any money is exchanged.

How fast do I get the payment?

We pay out the very instant we approve the sale. Depending on the payment method you selected, it may take a while for the money to actually reach you. For example, bank wires take usually take up to 24-48 hours (during business days).

Will I need to give up my e-mail account?

No, you will not have to give up your e-mail account. However, you will need to assist us until we secure the account fully, and that means forwarding all e-mails Instagram will send your way once the ownership change takes place.

I’ve seen Instagram accounts sell for hundreds/thousands of dollars, why is your offer so low?

We always pay top dollar for quality accounts, there is no other company in the world that can match our prices. Sometimes sellers will get a low offer, even though their Instagram account may in fact be quite large. Please remember that follower count is just one of many factors we look for, and high fan count does not automatically mean high price tag. Niche, account name, brandability, account age, demographics, and post quality are just a few of many variables that affect the bottom line. So in short, no two accounts are equal, even if they have the same amount of followers.

If I sell my Instagram account and change my mind a few days later, can I get it back?

Unfortunately, no. All sales are final, and we usually re-sell the account the very next day, so it is out of our hands.

I have a lot of personal photos on my Instagram account, will you delete them?

Upon request, yes. We will not use your image in any way. Just make sure to let us know before we conduct the transaction. We also advise all sellers not to remove any photos/content before we get a chance to look at your property.