We’re ViralAccounts.com and we do social right!

We’re ViralAccounts.com and we do social right! 2017-05-15T21:47:04+00:00

In the past, our company was exclusively selling Facebook fanpage influence. However, we have recently moved on to Instagram, Vine, Youtube, Tumblr, Pinterest & Twitter accounts. We will also purchase anything that has virtual value, so if there is something we have not listed but you think it’s worth money, then please contact our sales department. These virtual properties may include personal websites, blogs, and established forums. We can connect you with brands who will buy anything with a large following. So, what else can our company do for you?

Social Marketing & Brand Awareness

Whether you’re an internet marketer or a businessman, you want your brand to stand out from the crowd. The ultimate marketing goal is to have your target audience think of you and your company when they are ready to buy. Let ViralAccounts.com help you achieve that goal.

Administration, Coaching & Content Creation

Don’t have time to manage your fanbase? No worries, let our company handle them for you. For a set monthly fee we can manage your social media properties, create content, and engage the audience.

Professional Brokerage

Are you eyeing a property but the owner just won’t work with you? Let us help. Our trained staff and years of experience just may help to seal the deal. We will arrange, negotiate, and secure a property of your choosing. Can’t find the owner? We can help with that, also. This is what we do, we hunt down owners of viral accounts, so if you see something you want to buy influence on, then please let us know. We work until we obtain it, and never ask for payment until we fully secure a deal.

Online Talent Management

Are you e-famous? Great. Are you using your talent to its full potential? Let us manage you. We will do our best to help you grow. Our years of experience will help you monetize your skill set.  It does not matter how silly/stupid/offensive your gig may be. If you have a large following, you can most likely make an extra income.

Man In The Middle Service

Don’t want to work with us? :( That is fine. We do however provide an escrow service, where we broker deals to protect buyers and sellers. Service price varies, depending on the size of the account and the financial risk we have to take.

Income Opportunity

Work for us! You can earn as much as 200 USD per converted lead.