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January 2018

Facebook is rolling out a major algorithm update.

2018-01-15T10:56:09+00:00 January 15th, 2018|Blog|

Facebook announced that in the upcoming weeks, the company will be making changes to their News Feed algorithm. What's the big deal, right? Facebook is known to tweak their algorithms from time to time. Well, apparently this upcoming update is the mother of all updates, and it will come with pretty significant changes. Mark Zuckerberg announced [...]

December 2017

The end is near! Good bye 2017, you were a rough ride.

2017-12-28T11:53:09+00:00 December 28th, 2017|Site News|

In just a few days of writing this blog post, we will all enter a new year. Hopefully, 2018 will allow us to crank up the sales volume, as lately, we have been doing very poorly. We sincerely appreciate all our clients who stuck with us throughout the last few months, as they have been [...]

Twitter warns that on December 18 their purge could shut down lots of people’s accounts! Are you at risk?

2017-12-18T16:13:38+00:00 December 18th, 2017|Blog|

  2017 wasn't a good year for Twitter. From shutting down Vine, to laying off 9% of their workforce, to removing millions of verified accounts, and even deleting @realDonalTrump account (temporarily.) Even though there are only 12 days left in this year, Twitter is still willing to make significant changes to their service. So, what [...]

Google + Pages are being swarmed with spam comments, and it’s getting pretty bad.

2017-12-13T19:05:32+00:00 December 13th, 2017|Blog|

The top social giants offer a vast trove of information and global connectivity that make our lives more enjoyable. However, there are frustrating parts of that world, like spam, and even worse, adult spam. Currently, social media platforms are the one place that porn spam likes to fester, and according to recent reports, Google+ seems to [...]

November 2017

SWAPD is slowly becoming a success!

2017-11-28T15:57:07+00:00 November 28th, 2017|Blog|

We are happy to say that after just six short months, our recently launched community marketplace is becoming quite popular. OK, so maybe we didn't break any records, but we're inching on 1000 members, and we think this is fantastic. If you haven't seen our new service yet, we invite you to visit SWAPD today! [...]

We’re still experiencing a shortage of decent properties.

2017-11-08T11:52:45+00:00 November 8th, 2017|Site News|

Since last month, we've had a series of disasters that affected our operation. From being deindexed by Google, to internal, ultra rare caching bugs. This caused a pause in sales, and we have not had a single auction in the past 30 days. For this, we apologize. We took all the steps necessary to recover [...]

October 2017

Website upgrade completed!

2017-11-08T11:54:25+00:00 October 25th, 2017|Site News|

Noticed a lack of auctions lately? It's not just you. In the past few days, our website got deindexed due to two things, slow loading and bad backlinks. It seems that our PR releases attracted too many site-aggregators, which caused a massive influx of bad backlinks from undesirable websites. This problem went unnoticed for weeks/months, until [...]