Sell Your Pinterest Account Influence

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If you have an active Pinterest account that you believe is influential, then please let take a look at it. Our company can help you monetize your Pinterest account, by connecting you with brands who can pay you at a moments notice for your social influence. We don’t have a high follower limit for Pinterest accounts, as long as your fans are real and active, we will purchase influence on nearly any account. In order for our company to purchase your Pinterest account influence, it has to meet the following guidelines:

  • Must be in working order, without any publishing blocks or suspensions.
  • Good activity.

Remember, we will purchase influence on almost any Pinterest account, no matter what type of content you’re promoting on it. If you are interested in hearing our offer, then please contact us by submitting the form below. We will contact you in less than 12 hours (usually sooner) to further verify your property. We may ask for additional information before we make you an offer.

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We please ask you to read our Terms of Service. We will ignore any emails from sellers who did not follow our basic guidelines. If you have any questions, please read our Pinterest FAQ page or send us a message!


How much is my Pinterest account influence worth?

There is no set price list, as many variables come into play. Account age, follower location, and activity play a significant role in the price. Compared to Twitter or Facebook fanpages, Pinterest accounts are worth much less. Why? Because the platform is mainly geared towards women, so it’s not so versatile from a marketer’s standpoint.

How fast do I get the payment?

We pay out the very instant we connect you with a brand and approve the contract. Depending on the payment method you have selected, it may take a while for the money to actually reach you. For example, bank wires take usually take up to 24-48 hours (during business days).

Will I need to give up my e-mail account?

No, you will not have to give up your e-mail account. However, you will need to fully assist us until all terms of the contract are met.

What topics do you accept?

Pinterest is about anything and everything. We don’t have a particular niche we desire, but it helps if the account features content in the same category.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes. Our company does not and will not work with Pinstagram influence sellers who engaged in the following:

  • Engagement networks. If at any point you’ve used like for pin for pin networks, then we’re not interested in your property.
  • Use of software. If at any point you’ve used software to boost the activity of your Pinterest accounts, they do not qualify for our network.
  • Purchase of fake activity. This one is obvious, we’re not interested in fake (botted) Pinterest accounts. The brands we represent want true, organic reach.

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