There are a few important rules all influence and account sellers need to agree to before our company can approve a contract/transaction. These rules apply to all social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, InstagramYoutube, Pinterest or websites, blogs, and online communities. We please ask you to go over each rule. We have kept them short and simple, so you don’t have to waste your precious time. For a more thorough list of our policies, we invite you to read our Terms of Service.

Identity Verification will never send any form of payment, to any seller, if we cannot verify their identity. If you plan to stay anonymous, then we will decline the purchase of your services/influence/properties/domains.

Account/Domain/Website History

We do not purchase influence on illegally obtained properties. In rare cases, and only upon request, sellers must verify the ownership of their property, before any contracts are signed or payments sent.

Insights & Statistics

Sellers will be required to provide statistical data, as it helps us provide an accurate offer. Most brands we work with extensively research each property before they make any decisions.


If at any point in time you’ve over-spammed your property, then we’re not interested in working with you. This rule includes pushing installs, spreading malware, fake giveaways, etc.

High Fan Count will work with anything that has a large enough fanbase. We are not interested in “potential value” properties, so if your fan count is on the lower end, please don’t submit it.

Payment always pays first, providing that both parties use PayPal. Any other form of payment requires the seller to complete the terms first. Since the things we deal with are virtual, our business is easy to take advantage of. We must secure ourselves from sellers who grab the money and run. For more information, please visit our Payment FAQ page.


Facebook FanPage
YouTube Channel
Twitter Account
Instagram Account
Pinterest Account
Tumblr Account
Online Community

Are you selling something else? No worries! will work with anything with a large enough fanbase, including websites and online communities. If you believe your property is worth something but you don’t see it on the list, then please use the “Other” form to contact us.

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