Buying Facebook Fanpages can do wonders for your company, brand or website. However, marketing on Facebook Fanpages is not as easy as it once was. The social giant made some drastic changes over the past few years. Back in 2013, Facebook released an update, which significantly restricted link reach. This made funneling traffic difficult, making it much harder to utilize these assets. On top of that, recent policy changes crippled the use of Fanpages even further. But, Fanpages are not out yet. Quality posts still go viral, and they have the ability to reach millions of people. If you believe you can deliver good quality content, then a Facebook Fanpage may suit your needs.

Facebook is still the #1 social platform

Despite the recent setbacks that Fanpages endured, Facebook is still the most used social platform on earth. Having a presence on Facebook is almost required to succeed. But, are Fanpages right for you? That depends on what your goals are. If funneling direct traffic is what you’re after, you may be a tad disappointed. The reach restrictions imposed by Facebook won’t allow you to gain any significant traffic from a single page. Yes, you can get lucky and your post can go viral. But, that is a one time shot, and getting continuous traffic from a single page is difficult. Also, the social giants’ new policies are very strict about what type of links you can share.

Even though getting traffic is tough, Facebook still offers Fanpage owners a great way of making money. Whether it’s via AdBreaks or the newly introduced Show Pages, you can make some serious money with some creativity and the right content. Some of our clients are able to generate 100,000 USD in sales volume (per day) utilizing Show Pages. Don’t want to buy fan pages? That’s OK too. If you’re still looking for Facebook exposure but don’t want the burden of managing a page, you can directly purchase sponsored posts (influence) on already established Fanpages. Our company manages high-profile Fanpages representing celebrities and known entities from around the world.

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    What are the costs of purchasing Facebook Fanpage influence?

    Since the price greatly depends on many factors, there is no set price list we can show you. Prices vary by a wide margin, and they can range from $50 to 20,000 USD per contract. Purchasing influence on celebrity Fanpages is a sure way to go viral. Looking to buy a huge page? High-end Fanpages are rare, but they do happen. The good news for buyers is that since March 2018, the value of Fanpages has dropped. The reason for the drow was due to the new branded content policies which restricted the way these pages are monetized.

    Can I see a list of Facebook Fanpages you manage?

    No. We don’t have any lists, as we connect companies to influencers as soon as we obtain a willing publisher. We flip them as we get them, so we have no say in the topic/activity/size/niche. Only long-time clients have the option to request a property within their niche. To find out more about how we operate, please read this page. If you’re looking to purchase influence, please contact us to see the available pages.

    Why do I have to wait so long to purchase Fanpage influence?

    We have tons of buyers but very little influencers, so we always run into demand versus supply issues. To keep our current pool of buyers happy we limit new memberships. Wait times range from one to four weeks. If you’re looking for something right away, try our sister site, SWAPD.

    Are Facebook Fanpages a good source of traffic?

    Despite the constant abuse Fanpages have received from Facebook (by restricting reach), their traffic potential is still unmatched by any other platform. Viral posts have the ability to reach millions of people. For example, one of our clients link post went viral by reaching 44 million people overnight. His website generated 116,000 USD in Adsense revenue in just 12 hours. In conclusion, while Fanpage marketing has become very tough, the potential is still there.

    How do I monetize a Facebook Fanpage?

    This depends on many factors. Are you purchasing influence? Or do you own a Fanpage directly? If you’re purchasing influence, that depends on the product/website you’re pushing and the target audience. If you own Facebook Fanpages, the best-known and current (as of 2018) method of monetizing them is via the Facebook Watch program. If you own a Fanpage (or plan to purchase one), you can apply for the program here. The top earners within our community generate 100,000 USD in sales volume per day using the Watch (Show Pages) program.

    What are some other benefits of Facebook Fanpages?

    • Facebook is still the #1 social website in the world. As of today, no one even comes close to dethroning the Facebook king. Not having a presence on one of the most popular websites in the world is a costly mistake.
    • Direct, one on one relationship with your potential customers.
    • The viral factor. With some planning and a little luck, viral posts have the ability to instantly place any business/brand/website firmly on the map.

    I don’t own a Fanpage and don’t have the money to purchase influence, how can I get one started and make it popular?

    Building popular Facebook pages is tough and requires a lot of work. However, if you are not afraid and would like to try anyway, here are some resources to help you out.

    Time to get your Fanpage popular, these articles should help you get started:

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