As stated in our Terms of Service, does not provide refunds, unless the property you have purchased turns out to be artificially generated via fake accounts, bots, or click farms. However, if you are unhappy with your purchase for any other reason, or you simply changed your mind, we will give you the ability to relist the purchased item in our auctions. This way you are guaranteed to recoup most of your investment. We call this our Buy Back Policy, and it comes with a few rules:

  1. You have seven days from the date of purchase to relist the property free of charge. Items returned after the 7-day limit will be subject to our 10% listing fee. The listing fee is deducted from the winning bid after the new owner pays for the property.
  2. You cannot alter the account in any major way (change of category, change of title, remove followers, remove old content, etc).
  3. You cannot return the property if it was used in any malicious way such as pushing installs, spreading malware, fake giveaways, or anything else that provided poor user experience to the followers.
  4. must have full ownership during the relisting phase.
  5. You must set a realistic reserve.
  6. You must be prepared to take a small loss.

Clients who return an item will be able to set a minimum reserve price, providing that it is fair and adequate to the quality of the property. The reserve price should not be based on the previous purchase price, as many times buyers get into an unnecessary bidding war, which causes them to overpay for a property. will assist you in setting a fair reserve price that will attract more bids. Please remember that relisting an item comes with the inherited risk of losing a little on your investment. Generally speaking, relisted accounts sell for slightly less than the original amount, mainly because new buyers will believe that there is something wrong with the property. However, in most cases, clients can recoup 87% of their initial investment, and on rare occasions, they earn more money than they spent. Since buying and selling influence on social media properties can be a risky investment, this Buy-Back Policy is the best thing our company can offer in terms of buyer protection. Please keep in mind that items marked Bargain Bin (BB) are not eligible for our Buy Back Policy unless otherwise specified on the auction page.  If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact us.