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Selling your social property takes just three easy steps!

Step One

To begin, submit your property to our website.

It's easy!

Just browse through our menu to find the proper section for sellers.

Step Two

Our staff members will analyze the stats and prepare an offer.

Verification process begins

During this process, you simply wait for us to do our magic!

Step Three

Negotiations and payment details, the final step before payday.


Upon a successful agreement, we will proceed to send you the payment, usually within a few minutes after negotiations. That’s it!

What does purchase? provides a safe marketplace for buying and selling all different kinds of social media properties. We will purchase accounts from any country and any language. It does not matter how funny, stupid, sad, or offensive your page or account may seem, so don’t wait and give us a try. Our company also provides a variety of other services you might want to check out.

Why should you choose

  • We have been in business since 2010

  • Highest payouts for sellers

  • We’re known around the web

  • Personal care

  • Anonymity

  • We’re a legally registered business

  • Same day payments

Ready to get started? Click the “I would like to sell my…” link in the menu to begin!

Want to know more? Still not convinced? Check out the about us page or see what sets us apart.