Ready to buy or sell influence on a viral social property? Don’t trust the other party? No need to worry! provides trusted escrow (middleman) services. We will conduct the transaction in your name, and make sure everything is safe. Our service fee is 10% per transaction. Additionally, all money transfer fees are covered by the selling party. Transactions are usually completed within 1-3 business days. We use a wide variety of payment options such as PayPal, Skrill, Bank Wire, ACH, BitCoin, Money Gram or Western Union. Our escrow process is quite simple, and it goes as follows:

  1. We first verify the ownership of the account/page/website.
  2. Next, we secure the property and remove possible ways of retrieving the asset after the transaction is complete.
  3. We verify and secure the payment.
  4. Upon approval, we release the property and funds to the rightful owners.

Why us our services?

  • We have been in business since 2010!
  • Our years of experience allow us to spot artificially built properties and weed out the bad apples. Our consultants will advise you if the property you’re buying is worth the money.
  • We perform full audits on all properties sold via our escrow service.
  • We have security measures to verify buyers and sellers. They ensure that each transaction is conducted safely and professionally.
  • Friendly,¬†fast, and secure!

Please fill out this form, we will assess the risks and e-mail you with a quote. Upon agreement, we will proceed with the transaction.

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