Ready to buy? Please read our guidelines first!

Ready to buy? Please read our guidelines first! 2017-04-24T12:16:54+00:00

Buying viral Facebook fanpages, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, Twitter & YouTube accounts has never been easier. Since 2010, has been the number one broker of viral social media properties. We’re NOT in the business of selling bot filled pages & accounts like thousands of other providers on the web. We have never sold a single bot/click farm generated page or account. We provide nothing other than the real deal. To make things even better, we have implemented a Buy Back Policy. Not happy with your purchase? Don’t worry, investing in social media via is nearly risk-free!

How does the process work?

First and foremost, you will need to be a registered and verified buyer. There is a mandatory screening process all new members, we will need to verify your identity before you can purchase from our company.  Before your membership is approved, may ask you for the following information:

  1. Full name
  2. Address
  3. Working phone number. No Google voice/mailbox/ Skype numbers, we will check.
  4. Social profile (preferably Facebook)

We never use your information in any way other than for verification purposes. Your data is not stored on our servers, and we never call/solicit you with unrelated offers. Once you’re approved, you may begin purchasing from our network. For smaller pages/accounts we directly e-mail our clients and present them with an offer. However, due to the low availability and high demand, we mostly auction off our bigger social properties. While auctions aren’t the most desirable way to purchase what you want, they do allow every buyer to have an equal chance of buying these properties. Statistically, for every 100 buyer’s there is only one real seller, this is why we need to provide an equal buying opportunity to all of our members. will never favor one client above another, this is why we prefer auctions.

Not everyone will be able to join our buyer’s network. is a closed community, we screen buyers to prevent social media moderators from infiltrating our listings. Allowing public registrations would put our social properties at risk. This business model requires screening, anonymity, and quality control. Otherwise, you end up with banned/deleted properties.

EU VAT Information.

If you’re purchasing properties on behalf of a company registered within the European Union, you are subject to 23% VAT. This tax only applies to business registered within the EU.

Ready? Great. Tell us what would you like to purchase:

Facebook Fanage

While fanpages have drastically decreased in fan reach over the past years, they’re still a great marketing tool. Our pages vary from 100k-2m fans and feature people from all over the world.

YouTube Channel

You don’t need to be a genius to know that a popular YouTube channel equals big bucks. The hardest part is gaining an initial fanbase that will help you grow. can provide that, our acquired channels have anywhere from 5k to 250k subscribers.

Twitter Account

Twitter is a social giant you cannot dismiss. The power of a tweet goes a long way these days, and businesses who want to get noticed need a presence on Twitter. Our accounts have the ability to generate 1-60M impressions per month, every month.

Vine Account

Update 28.10.2016: We are halting transactions related to Vine accounts. The reason for this is the recent announcement that Vine will be closing its doors in the upcoming months. Until further notice, we will not buy or sell Vine accounts.

The short attention span of today’s youth is undisputable, but Vine accounts can combat that problem. A popular Vine account can help you achieve brand awareness, via clever 6-second video marketing. Don’t discredit this service, it can be an incredible marketing tool if used properly.

Instagram Account

Welcome to the wonderful world of unrestricted reach. Unlike Facebook fanpages, Instagram has incredible, nearly unrestricted reach, and even small accounts can generate incredible buzz around your product/service or website.

Google+ Page

Google+ Pages are very familiar to Facebook fanpages. Their reach is nearly unrestricted, and a large enough page can yield huge amounts of traffic.

Pinterest Account

Is your company mainly targeting women? Pinterest just may be up your ally. With the majority of users being women, the website can provide ungodly amounts of traffic, if you own a popular enough account.

Tumblr Account

While we never hear as much about Tumblr, it is a force to be reckoned with. This micro blog platform can be monetized from within, or you can funnel traffic to your own site.


Is there something we didn’t list? We also sell aged Reddit accounts, websites, mobile applications and much more. Drop us an e-mail, we might have what you need, and if not, we will try to get it.

I want it ALL!

Are you an internet marketer always looking for new traffic sources? If you are on a hunt for viral accounts and don’t care which platform they’re on then please contact us by using this form.


Even after you submit your request, you may not hear from us for a while. We have a selective screening process, and reserve the right to deny any membership solely at our discretion.


If you want to get accepted quicker, make sure to add a little comment about yourself. Make sure to include things that we could verify, such as:

1. Providing your real name.
2. Providing a working number you can be reached at.
3. List of your current / past websites.


Remember, we’re not Amazon. Our staff is small and gets hundreds of requests daily, so it’s hard to answer everyone in a timely manner. Just because you haven’t heard from us, it does not mean that you were denied. Sometimes it may take up to four weeks to approve a membership, and you will know you’re approved when you start receiving our item listings in your email.


Once you’re a member, please don’t share / lend / sell your membership, as it may be grounds for instant termination.