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What can a viral property do for you and your business? is the number one place on the web for buying established social profiles and communities. From active Facebook fanpages to popular Instagram accounts, we offer nothing other than the real deal. These properties are automation free, and they offer incredible reach and high levels of engagement. We DO NOT sell bots/click farm/fake/artificially generated properties, like thousands of other providers on the web. Our website facilitates buyers and sellers from around the world in a safe and moderated environment. We screen each property before we pass it on to our buyers, and we back our claims with a full buy-back policy. If your company isn’t happy with the purchase, we can re-sell the property for you in our auctions. Buying a social property is a one-time investment, and established social communities can do wonders for your business. Don’t waste your time and money on expensive ad networks, when you can purchase established social properties that can increase brand awareness, improve search engine ranks, and generate much-needed traffic. Our company also provides a variety of other services not listed on this page.

Why should you choose

  • We have been in business since 2010

  • Reasonable prices

  • We’re known around the web

  • Personal care

  • Anonymity

  • We’re a legally registered business

  • One time investment (vs. constantly paying for ads)

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