December 2023 reaches 50,000 members!

2023-12-03T20:59:32+02:00December 3rd, 2023|Blog|

Celebrating a Major Milestone: Reaches 50,000 Members! In a remarkable achievement,, a leading online platform for buying and selling digital properties, has reached the milestone of 50,000 members! This monumental growth is a testament to the platform’s reliability and the increasing interest in the digital marketplace, particularly in high-demand areas like TikTok and [...]

May 2023

March 2021

How to get your Facebook or Instagram profile verified and receive the shiny blue checkmark?

2023-04-02T22:35:53+02:00March 24th, 2021|Blog|

It's small, it's blue, and it's permanently embedded into the Facebook/Instagram profiles of many people around the globe. From athletes to celebrities, to known personas and politicians. Virtually every notable person has the Facebook and Instagram verification badge, but what is it and why should you want one? First, let's see what Facebook says about [...]

February 2020 Review – If you’re looking for Discourse hosting, you need to give them a try.

2023-04-02T22:35:41+02:00February 14th, 2020|Blog|

It's been a while since we've made a blog entry, and even though it may seem like we're inactive, things are buzzing in the back end. However, this entry isn't about us or our posting frequency. This article will feature a personal review and a spotlight shined at, one of our favorite hosting companies. [...]

October 2018

Monetizing lyrics videos on YouTube, can you legally do it?

2023-04-02T22:34:08+02:00October 15th, 2018|Blog|

Wondering how to strike it rich on YouTube? Are you wasting endless hours trying to think of new, captivating content? How about all those popular lyrics videos we see on YouTube? Someone is making money from them, right? Could anyone monetize lyrics videos on YouTube? This article sets out to find out whether monetizing lyrics [...]

Google + is shutting down, it’s official.

2023-04-02T22:33:56+02:00October 14th, 2018|Blog|

It's official, the search giant is going to shut down the consumer version of Google+ over the next ten months. The decision follows a new revelation of a previously undisclosed security vulnerability that exposed users’ profile data that was fixed in March 2018. Google also mentioned that Google+ currently has “a very low usage and engagement” and that over [...]

March 2018

Facebook Fanpages are nearly worthless.

2023-04-02T22:32:49+02:00March 21st, 2018|Blog|

OK, perhaps the title is a little clickbaity, but believe us when we say, we have never seen prices of Fanpage influence drop so low. This article is directed mainly at our sellers, so they understand the current situation and the turmoil Facebook is in. Here are the reasons why Facebook Fanpages won't yield you [...]

December 2017

November 2017

SWAPD is slowly becoming a success!

2023-04-02T22:26:29+02:00November 28th, 2017|Blog|

We are happy to say that after just six short months, our recently launched community marketplace is becoming quite popular. OK, so maybe we didn't break any records, but we're inching on 1000 members, and we think this is fantastic. If you haven't seen our new service yet, we invite you to visit SWAPD today! [...]

December 2016

All in one Facebook support centre. Lost your page? Disabled account? Use these Facebook forms to get them back!

2023-04-02T22:25:41+02:00December 22nd, 2016|Blog|

Most social networks have a few contact forms for users to report issues. Facebook, on the other hand, has over 100 contact forms for just about every problem you could run into while using Facebook. organized all the current Facebook forms for your convenience, and we're sharing their amazingly useful list of current Facebook [...]

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