Buying & Selling Facebook Fanpages

Buying & Selling Facebook Fanpages 2016-10-28T14:54:29+00:00

Can I sell my facebook fanpage and still keep my profile account?

Yes. Selling your Facebook fanpage is as simple as transferring ownership to a new page admin. Since Facebook frequently updates their website layout we don’t have a visual tutorial for you, but if you contact us, we can explain to you how the process works.

Why does purchase these pages?

We advertise our websites on them. We DO NOT spam offers, we create relevant websites that match the fanpage niche. If we cannot promote our websites, we will re-sell them for a small profit.

Does Facebook allow the sale of fanpages?

In special circumstances and with written permission, yes. However, we never use proper Facebook channels as it is a lengthy process, and in most cases, Facebook never responds to the requests. Also, please keep in mind that you may be breaking Facebook’s Terms of Service by selling your Facebook fanpage. We encourage buyers and sellers to read Facebook’s rules before proceeding.

What is my Facebook fanpage worth?

Unfortunately for all parties (buyers & sellers), the fanpage market has crashed. Facebook made a major update on December 1st, 2013 that crippled post link reach down to unusable levels. What does it mean? It means that when you post a link on your Facebook fanpage less than 5% of fans will see it, making them almost worthless to marketers. While fanpages still hold a little value, the prices have dropped nearly tenfold. Pre December 1st, 2013 a 100k fans fanpage (with a desirable fanbase) would have been worth 1400-3600 USD. Unfortunately, as of today, the same fanpage is barely worth 150-500 USD. You can read more about the crippling fanpage update here. We can offer you a quote via e-mail if you fill out this short form, we generally reply within 12 hours.

Why is my fanpage worth so little when I have 100’s of messages in my pages inbox with large offers?

Your page is not worth X,XXX of dollars. If you think you will get rich from selling a Facebook fanpage you’re in for a big disappointment. We are also aware of people giving admins high offers (almost unrealistic) via the fanpage private messaging system, but rest assured those high numbers are only there to grab your attention. These people pray on admins who sometimes are careless enough to fall for a scam. You can read more about these scams here.

How many fans should a fanpage have in order for to purchase it?

We really don’t like anything below 100k fans, but we’re willing to make an exception on smaller fanpages if the activity is desirable.

How do we proceed with the transaction?

After negotiations, it is quite simple. We pay and you hand over the admin rights to the page. In order for to pay first you must own a PayPal account, other forms of payment would require you to hand over the fanpage first. Since the burden of risk falls onto, we might require identity verification from the seller. We have a lot of people taking advantage of our service (running after payment), so we must take precautions to protect our interests.

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