Why do brands and companies purchase influence on these accounts?

There are a lot of reasons why brands and companies would want to purchase Instagram account influence. Sometimes they advertise their services or websites on them, and sometimes they simply want to increase their brand recognition. Brand recognition campaigns are subtle and barely noticeable to the end user. Nonetheless, we do not allow our buyers to spam these Instagram accounts. ViralAccounts.com has a strict anti-spam policy, any company violating our rules is swiftly removed from our network.

What is my Instagram account influence worth?

It is very difficult to quote an Instagram account, so we can’t post any numbers. Many factors come into play such as the number of followers, activity, and niche. There are literary 1000’s of sites that sell fake Instagram followers. For that reason, we go through an extensive background check, before we connect you with a brand and make an offer.

How many followers should an Instagram account have for ViralAccounts.com to find an interested brand or company?

We don’t have a high limit for Instagram accounts, as long as they’re real and active, we will work with almost any account. However, we prefer at least 40,000 followers.

My Instagram account is very silly, will it still qualify?

Yes!  We will consider any topic/niche possible, as the brands and companies we work with are quite versatile and open-minded. Most Instagram accounts are accepted, no matter how silly they may seem. However, generic/silly Instagram accounts will affect the price, as humor related accounts are the most common properties on the web.

How do we proceed with the transaction?

Once you decide to give our company a shot, we will start looking for brands interested in your Instagram account. Upon finding an interested company, we will start negotiating terms. If you accept their offer, the process is quite simple. We first try to verify your identity (basic information), as we don’t deal with anonymous sellers. Upon verification, we will pay out the very same day when you approve the terms. We provide many payment options such as PayPal, Bitcoin, Western Union, Skrill, and bank wires.

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