Buying & Selling Tumblr Accounts

Buying & Selling Tumblr Accounts 2016-10-28T15:07:14+00:00

Does Tumblr allow the sale of personal profile accounts?

Tumblr TOS (Terms of Service) states that the transfer of account ownership is forbidden. In reality, those are only Tumblr’s in-house rules, and there is nothing illegal about selling your own microblog.

Why does purchase these Tumblr accounts?

To keep it simple, we advertise our websites / content on them. We DO NOT spam links, we create relevant content that matches the microblog account theme/niche. If we cannot advertise our content on them, we generally re-sell the property for a small profit. We also use them to spread news about a new company / brand.

What are your requirements for a Tumblr account?

At least 40,000 unique visitors monthly (US/UK/AU/CA traffic)

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