Why do brands purchase Twitter account influence?

To keep it simple, they advertise their websites/content/brand on these accounts. Don’t worry, they don’t spam the followers, most brands create relevant content that matches the account theme/niche. Our company has a strict anti-spam policy, and brands who break our policies are swiftly removed from our network.

What is my Twitter account worth?

It is very difficult to quote a Twitter account, so we can’t post any numbers. Many factors come into play such as length of username, the number of followers, activity, and niche. Twitter is known for being abused by spam bots (programs that create fake accounts and solicit real users). In fact, it is quite easy to create a fake Twitter account with a large following, for that reason we go through an extensive background check before we start connecting you with interested brands.

How many followers should a Twitter account have to qualify?

We don’t have a high limit for Twitter accounts, as long as they’re real and active, we will purchase influence on nearly any account. However, most of the brands we represent prefer at least 50,000 followers.

My Twitter account is very silly, will it still qualify?

Yes!  We will consider any topic possible, as the brands and companies we work with are quite versatile and open-minded. Most Twitter accounts are accepted, no matter how silly they may seem. However, generic/silly Twitter accounts will affect the price, as humor related accounts are the most common properties on the web.

How do we proceed with the transaction?

First, we will request some statistical data (activity/demographics) and ask you a few questions related to your Twitter account. Based on the data and answers you provide, we will try to find a suitable brand who would be willing to work with your audience. If we happen to find an interested brand, we then set terms and present them to you. Upon agreement, we pay out the very same day. For ViralAccounts.com to pay upfront, you must own a PayPal account, other forms of payment would require you to complete the terms set within the contract first. We also might require identity verification from the seller. We have a lot of people taking advantage of our service (running after payment), so we must take precautions to protect our interests. If you’re ready to give our company a shot, please fill out our Twitter form to begin.

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