Activity. While activity isn’t required,  Facebook Fanpages without active fans are worth less.

Growth. We do not purchase influence on click farm generated (or click-jacked) Fanpages. This includes engagement networks, deceptive practices such as fake giveaways, and activity manipulation. Organic/paid fans are the only acceptable forms of growth.

100,000 fans minimum. Most of the brands we work with require that all potential influencers have at least 100,000 fans. Anything under 100,000 fans will be considered if your Facebook Fanpage is very active or in a unique niche.

Violating Facebook rules. The Fanpage has to be clear of any wrongdoings, specifically actions that violate Facebook’s Terms of Service. No spam, no unapproved promotion methods (free giveaways/fake promotions), no hateful content, no phishing, hacking, or anything else that might jeopardize Facebook’s user experience.

Publishing rights. The page must have full publishing rights. Past publishing blocks (suspensions) are OK, as long as the page has been reinstated.

Fan location. Our clients are mainly interested in fans from US/UK/AU/CA, and a few countries from Europe. Any other countries are considered less desirable to our buyers, which brings their value down.

Hacked fanpages. We will not purchase influence on any Facebook Fanpages that were obtained illegally.

Non-English fanpages. While we do purchase influence on non-English Fanpages, our clients cannot offer anything substantial for these types of properties.

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