OK, perhaps the title is a little clickbaity, but believe us when we say, we have never seen prices of Fanpage influence drop so low. This article is directed mainly at our sellers, so they understand the current situation and the turmoil Facebook is in. Here are the reasons why Facebook Fanpages won’t yield you more than a few hundred dollars (per page), no matter how big or active your property is.

Policy Change

Facebook updated its branded content policy to prohibit publishers and content creators from being paid to post things that they were not involved in creating. To be specific, Facebook will add the following parameter to its policy:

“Don’t accept anything of value to post content that you did not create or were not involved in the creation of, or that does not feature you.”

These changes are so drastic that it’s causing giants like  LittleThings.com to close doors. Monetization on Facebook became extremely difficult, and this is the main reason why your Facebook Fanpage is currently nearly worthless.

Mass Deletions

Since March 1st, 2018, Facebook started enforcing its Fanpage policy more strictly. There are reports of thousands of deleted Fanpages, with no end in sight.

Financial Turmoil

Due to these recent changes, a couple of scandals, and a few other factors, people are losing faith in Facebook, causing their stock to drop. Sources:


Legal Trouble

Due to the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook faces a lot of legal trouble. Even Mark Zuckerberg himself was summoned to appear in front of the UK parliament. To make matters even worse, Facebook’s own investors are suing them over the recent data scandal.

Negative Press

Remember how Facebook encouraged businesses to bring their customers to their platform? “Like us on Facebook” was a phrase printed even on the smallest of business flyers. In exchange for a great communication tool (Facebook Fanpages), brands and businesses all over the world started inviting their clients onto the platform. And the relationship was great. Businesses received constant attention from their clientele, and Facebook saw an increase in activity, thus undoubtedly improving ad revenue. Now? Facebook Fanpages became a pay to play platform. With unbearable reach restrictions, promoting your business on Facebook Fanpages is no longer desirable. Perhaps this is why big publishing companies like TechCrunch (for example), are running #DeleteFacebook campaigns. TechCrunch isn’t the only company going after Facebook, even one of the original Whatsapp creators said it himself that “it’s time to #DeleteFacebook.


While we don’t believe Facebook will fall anytime soon, these recent changes may be the beginning of an end. People are getting sick of Facebook, and for this reason, the prices of anything Facebook related have fallen.