Community warning! Facebook zero link reach is real thing!

Hundreds of Facebook Fanpage admins across the web are reporting a new link punishing algorithm, and they’ve dubbed it ‘Facebook Zero.’ It all started with this post on one of the most popular marketing forums, people from all over the world reported that on many of their pages links were getting an absolute zero reach. SWAPD users are also reporting this new phenomenon, and while we don’t have an official word from Facebook, we can all agree that something is going on.

Here is what we currently know about Facebook Zero link reach.

  • This only affects certain pages, and it isn’t wide spread. For example, our network did not experience any link reach drop.
  • Even if it does happen, most users who reported Facebook Zero claim to have their link reach restored after 7-8 days.
  • We don’t know what currently triggers it, but judging from the behavior, it seems that Facebook Zero is some kind of link punishing algorithm.
  • Some users (rare) never recovered from the zero reach.

How to improve your Facebook link reach.

Facebook is targeting fake or sensational news sites, after catching a lot of negative media attention about the 2017 election. They are also clamping down on click bait headlines. Our guess would be to avoid posting low-quality content and disassociate yourselves from posting click bait. The current Facebook algorithms are capable of detecting low-quality articles by looking for popular click bait words and unnecessary capitalization of words. To beat this current system we suggest you go over this article, it explains in details what Facebook is actually looking for when scanning for click bait. It would also be wise to stay on top of current Facebook algorithm changes by keeping tabs on official Facebook updates.


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