Instagram Requirements

Instagram Requirements 2017-02-06T13:16:02+00:00

Fake followers. Our company thoroughly audits each property before we make an offer. If your account shows traces of artificial activity, we will be unable to find a buyer for your account.

Engagement groups. If your account was built via engagement groups (share for share/like for like), then it does not qualify for our network.

Follow/unfollow. Our company usually avoids accounts built via this method, as it is considered automation in our book. On rare occasions, we will be able to find a buyer, but at nominal rates.

Hacked accounts. We do not purchase/trade any accounts that were obtained illegally.

Non-English accounts. While we do buy non-English Instagram accounts, we cannot offer anything substantial for these types of properties.

Low activity. If your account has below than average activity levels, we won’t be able to find a suitable buyer.

Poor follower retention. If your account is losing followers at a high rate, we will be unable to find a buyer for your property.

40,000 follower minimum. If your Instagram account has less than 40000 followers, please don’t submit it. These days, even 40k account are considered small, so we don’t prefer anything less than that.

Undesirable demographics. Our company is mostly interested in US/CA/AU/UK followers (at least 40%), so if your property doesn’t include followers from these countries, we most likely won’t be able to find a suitable buyer. In rare cases, some accounts with undesirable countries do happen to sell, but at much lower rates.

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