We are happy to announce that we’re opening a new community-based forum dedicated to buying and selling virtual assets. This new venture of ours is called SWAPD, and it is currently in BETA mode. Only a select few of our members will get invited to test the new platform, and we are sending out the invites today. If you got one, great! We can’t wait to have you on board. If you didn’t get an invite, don’t worry. Once we work out the bugs and pull the website out of beta mode, we will invite the rest of our members. Before you start sounding off the alarms, let us say NO, ViralAccounts.com is NOT shutting down. This new venture is simply a separate service dedicated to the same thing, which is buying and selling virtual assets. The only difference is that there a lot fewer rules to what can/cannot be listed, and members are in control of their own pricing/terms/etc.

So, why should you use SWAPD?

  • Strict buyer/seller screening. You will not be able to join if you plan to stay anonymous. SWAPD strives to be a friendly business to business community.
  • Dedicated marketplace. If it’s virtual in nature and holds real monetary value, you can buy/sell/trade it on SWAPD. The world is changing, so is e-commerce. These days, a simple login to the right place can be worth a lot of money.
  • You’re the boss. As a member, you have full control over your listing. No minimums, no requirements on price, you are in charge of your own listings.
  • Exceptional quality control. Our staff carefully audits all properties sold within SWAPD. We check for ownership, fake followers/likes, and make sure the transaction goes over smoothly.
  • The best virtual assets. Click farm generated properties? Fake bot filled accounts? Not on SWAPD. Only real and genuine properties.
  • Speed. Our team is growing, and our goal is to provide quick support, 24/7. Our platform is also user-friendly and blazing fast!
  • Professional approach. We have been buying and selling virtual properties since 2010. We have the experience and know how to weed out the bad apples and keep our community free of fake/bot filled/artificially created properties.
  • Affordability. We charge a flat, 10% fee for each transaction, usually split 50/50 between the buyer and seller (5% each). This fee includes full audit, safety checks, and a money back guarantee.
  • SWAPD a legally registered business. SWAPD is a sister company of SKYNET, Inc. We’re a fully licensed institution registered within the European Union.


Please remember that we’re in BETA mode. Things haven’t been fully tested yet, and you might encounter errors and bugs. Our staff will try to fix them as we go along. In meanwhile, if you have been invited, we ask you to sign up, browse around, read our rules, and start buying and selling your assets.

You can visit our new service here: https://swapd.co/