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“Today, Facebook deleted all pages that were listed for sale on FameSwap, all 295 of them. Wiping out over 46 million likes and fans from its database.”

“I’ve decided to shut down our website, it seems Facebook deleted every page in our listing.”

“Please help! My account got unpublished after posting it for sale on a public forum.”

-One of the thousands of people who made a mistake.

Do you see a pattern?

Selling social media accounts out in public is a guaranteed death sentence for your property. Perhaps it won’t get deleted the very same day, sometimes it may take a few weeks / months. But let’s be honest, would you feel comfortable buying an account knowing that at some point in time it was publicly available for sale? With Google cache, pages stay available for viewing up to six months, so you cannot undo a public listing that quickly. Virtually every social media platform Terms of Service state that the transfer of ownership which involves a monetary or non-monetary transaction is forbidden. Social media giants monitor the web and constantly fight sellers via deletions and bans. will never buy a page / account that has been previously for sale publicly anywhere else. We discourage anyone from buying & selling on classified ad type of websites, even if their listings are confidential. This business model requires screening, anonymity and quality control, something that a classified ad can never provide. Remember, the person on the other side of that classified ad may not have your best interest in mind.

In conclusion, will never have open to the public listings.


We never list our properties openly to the public, we auction them off privately to a closed group of buyers. In rare circumstances and only upon request, we may auction off a page for one of our clients.


Only approved and long time clients may use our auction system to sell their properties. Our database of clients is a sure way to get the maximum value for your page or account. We have five rules you must agree to in order to qualify:

1. You must be a long time/repeat client. In rare cases, exceptions can be made.
2. We must have full ownership of the account during the auction.
3. Agree to a 10% service fee.
4. Cover all money transfer costs.
5. Set a fair & realistic reserve price.

If you qualify, please contact us right away.